CareContent, Inc - Project Manager

The Project Manager’s all about making sure that client projects and internal team projects are:

  • Delivered on time Delivered via a smooth process Within cost and time budgets Personality traits The Project Manager…

  • Believes missing deadlines without prior notice is ridiculous Can step into the reality of several different healthcare audiences, whether it’s a patient who has just received bad news or a physician struggling to stay afloat in today’s healthcare system Is genuinely interested in the clinical, social, financial, political, and emotional aspects of healthcare Can balance working with a team and independently, working onsite and remotely

  • Loves spreadsheets and tracking tools

  • Loves the word “done”

  • Does not raise an issue without also proposing possible solutions

  • Loves documentation and confirmations; hates surprises and miscommunications Is extremely organized—the type who organizes the sock drawer Is not afraid to ask questions until all parties come to an understanding

  • Responsibilities The Project Manager is responsible for …

  • Participating in all relevant client meetings and turning notes and ideas from meetings into tangible tasks for the team (emails, tasks, calendar updates, etc.)

  • Ensuring that client projects are delivered on time Being the day-to-day driver of the project deadlines and communication between the client and our team

  • Establishing and enforcing scope guidelines and timelines for the projects

  • Assisting with setting up interviews and calendar invites with sources and securing client approval (if applicable)

  • Sending recaps, follow-ups, next steps after conversations with clients and partners

  • Providing regular updates to clients and the CareContent CEO; conducting regular check-ins with CareContent team members

  • Assisting with getting project deliverables to the client Proposing new project management methods and tools to make the project more efficient

  • Conducting regular check-ins with team members on tasks and adding detailed status updates to the SmartSheet Proofreading communications and project deliverables

Skills —

The project manager needs to know…

  • How to listen into client meeting and turn ideas into tasks

  • How to filter out the noise (non-scoped tasks) and be clear on tasks that are within scope

  • How to manage projects and deliverables using Smartsheet, Google Drive, and WordPress

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